A first post

I don’t know how many years I’ve had this account. But this is my first post. I have to change things around on this page. Make it look prettier and more suitable to my tastes.

My goal with this blog:
1) Write and spend 15 minutes a day doing so. I like writing, and it’s a real shame that I don’t keep up or exercise┬áit in anyway. So here I am. I’m here to express myself.

2) Use CMSs more. Get more familiar with them. I have some skill in creative CMSs. I made a few things in Drupal before with mixed results. But getting myself in the site creating mindset can be an extremely useful job skill, so I’m here to exercise that as well.

I hope my posts are at least a fraction as entertaining as they could be. If you are one of the unlucky ones reading this, or a friend of mine that I referred so that maybe we can keep in touch and you can hear some honest thoughts from me, then I hope it can be worth your time.

Alright now, enjoy and God bless. ­čÖé